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AUGUST 4, 2020  

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Here's some more fun stats about pet spending from our survey:

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Survey conducted in 5/2020 by Pumpkin with a sample of 1,000 respondents who are current dog owners.

Ready to help give your pup the best treat of all? Sign them up for Pumpkin Pet Insurance today!

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  • 35% of dog parents splurge on designer dog collars
  • 21% of dog parents would consider paying for an at-home doggie treadmill
  • 20% of dog parents  would consider making a decision for their dog based on their horoscope
  • 85% of dog parents deeply care about their pet’s physical health and longevity

Men vs Women

  • 23% of doggie dads paid to register their pup as emotional support animals just to give them access to places dogs aren't usually allowed (only 12% of dog moms did the same)
  • Men are 3x more likely than women to make an online dating profile for their pooch

Millennials vs Gen X

  • Millennials are almost 10x more likely than Gen X to spend upwards of $5,000 on a dog’s birthday party
  • Gen X is 2x more likely than Millennials to care about their pup’s mental health and happiness

We asked, "What's the priciest thing you purchased for your pup? 
Most people told us vet bills and medical care were their biggest expenses, with an average cost of $1000-2,000. But there were plenty of other pricey pet indulgences we heard about:

  • Dog training: $15,000 (Wow, that must be one well-behaved pup now?!)
  • Bought a house so the dog would have a back yard
  • One week at a luxury dog resort & spa: $8,000 
  • Intervertebral spine surgery: $6,000
  • Designer dog chain and collar: $5,000 
  • Dog's 10th birthday party: $3,000
  • An emergency vet visit for a spider bite: $2,000
  • A custom dog house made of retrofit old barn wood: $1,500 
  • A Fendi dog carrier: $1,500
  • Vacations in the mountains so the dog can play in the creek: $1,500 per vacation 
  • A mini dog car: $600
  • A pheasant hunt on private land: $350
  • An obstacle course for the pup to exercise during Covid: $145 
  • "His food alone costs over $100 a month. His beds were hundreds of dollars. He has a hammock for the car. I bought him a $20 mammoth bone. We have matching warm vanilla sugar body spray, but his is made for dogs. There’s no limit to what I’d spoil this precious being with. He’s only on this earth for so little time, and I rescued him at 8 years old. Someone abandoned him on the streets! He deserves whatever money can buy.”

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